Ember Associates helps clients achieve greater and more sustainable levels of business Return on Investment through innovative training services.

Drawing on more than 20 years of innovation in people-and-perfomance side of business, Ember Associates engages with clients in a variety of ways. We work directly in a consulting capacity with leaders and their teams, to delivering organisation-wide competency development solutions customised to our clients’ unique needs.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Charismatic Leadership
  • Decision-Making
  • Building Integrity in Sales
  • Change Management
  • Building Chemistry in Customer Service

Our approach is based on evidence-based research. Theories from appropriate disciplines such as psychology, adult development, cognitive research and organizational studies, are fused with current coaching, training and developmental techniques. We are lauded for our enthusiasm and notable expertise at experiential learning: cultivating great teams and developing successful leaders through the process of assimilating lessons out of actual experience.

Ember Associates is not about pre-packaged solutions. We listen to your assessment of the issue and draw upon our expertise in order to plan, implement and evaluate the most strategic solution for you.

Our coaches and consultants have front line management experience in numerous industries. They know what it means to lead teams and organizations first hand rather than by the book.

Decision Boot Camp

Every decision your employees make impacts the profitability of your organisation. Most of these decisions are far from perfect. Our decisions are influenced by emotions, wishful thinking or routine. We misconstrue opportunity and risk. We often guess, then rationalise.

Decision Boot Camp offers a decision-making template that matches your personal decision-making styles and preferences. It helps you understand the nature and significance of critical thinking. It teaches you how to distinguish facts from opinions, how to gather, process and apply information.

Your employees make a lot of consequential decisions daily. Let them make the best ones.

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Networking Boot Camp

Let us start with a simple statement. Relationships are all there is. Everything in the universe only exists because it is in relationship to everything else. Nothing exists in isolation.

Business is a human enterprise, driven and determined by people. This realisation comes with some empowering implications. To achieve your goals in life, it matters less how smart you are, how much innate talent you’re born with, or even, where you came from and how much you started out with. Sure, all these are important, but they mean little if you don’t understand one thing: you can’t get there alone.

Connecting is a philosophy of life, a worldview. Its guiding principle is that every person you meet is an opportunity to help and be helped by. Connecting is one of the most important business skill sets.


Because, flat out, people do business with people they know, like and trust.


Sales Boot Camp

The most common reason stemming from a missed sales opportunity is the lack of understanding and chemistry between the seller and the buyer. This comes as no surprise, as buyers and sellers have rather different objectives. The seller wants to sell. The buyer wants to make the best possible purchasing decision.

Sales Boot Camp helps to create alignment between these goals by approaching sales effectiveness from a behavioural perspective. We hone the best individual personality traits  of participants and lean them towards openness, resilience, warmth and integrity. Buyers who possess a wide range of defence mechanisms against typical sales methods will be more receptive towards a salesperson who goes beyond hard selling strategies, creating a comfortable and unthreatening environment likelier for a transaction to occur.

Adventure Camp

Adventure Camp is a fun team building activity based on the Escape Room, an exciting challenge of strategy, communication and team spirit.

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Organisational Development

Our organisational development programmes focus on the human side of organisations by supporting planning and goal setting, teamwork and change management initiations. We also contribute to business efficiency and support to build and maintain an engaging and inspiring organisational culture. We employ a variety of organisational development methodologies for groups of six to more than 100 people, such as Open Space, Organizational Network Analysis, Appreciative Inquiry, and Immunity-to-Change.

Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry is a philosophy and methodology for positive change. It is founded on the simple assumption that human systems – teams, organisations and people – move in the direction of what they study, focus upon and talk about with regularity.

The essence of Appreciative Inquiry is then the study of what breathes life, energy and vitality to organisations, teams and people when they are at their best. Appreciative Inquiry does not assume that any person or organisation is always at its best. Both research and experience show, that people learn, and organisations change most readily when they focus on study, engage in dialogue about strengths, patterns of success and who they are at their best.

Organisational Network Analysis

Discover the benefits of looking at your organisation from a bird’s-eye view. Network Research gives you the opportunity to truly understand processes and dynamics within your firm. This cutting edge technology will enable you to persistently boost your company’s efficiency.

With the help of team performance optimisation and co-operation development, you can boost the performance of your sales unit, reduce turnover, strengthen loyalty and integrate newcomers. Drain your organization’s knowledge through knowledge management, improve professional knowledge sharing, and upgrade knowledge accessibility. Manage changes more easily through information flow through enhanced communication





"Change or die.” That is the choice that doctors give at-risk heart patients. Only one in seven is ever able to make the necessary improvements. Even when it comes to a decision of life and death, the ability to change remains the greatest challenge for most individuals. Given these daunting odds, how can leaders get their people or themselves to change in order to stay competitive in a customer-centric world?

Most leaders would agree that constant improvement and change are core organizational priorities. Amidst the plethora of literature, programmes and training materials, most still struggle to bring about a change in themselves and others. Why? Common explanations attribute lack of urgency, inadequate incentives as lack of discipline as the chief barriers to change.

Ember Associates offers a different perspective.

We believe that it is not a lack of will, but rather the inability to bridge the gap between what people genuinely desire and what they are actually capable of. In other words, people and organisations may esteem to change, but they are not able to do so.

Our solutions are completely bespoke. Our one-to-one coaching programmes are designed and delivered in a method and style that will work best for you. Through a combination of coaching, personality assessments, role plays, assignments, action plans and personal missions, we assist you to make those tough decisions and help you overcome your challenges. You will get to learn about the facets of your personality that make you who you are, and shape those that make you the person you want to become.